Portaprompt products in India

Founded in 1976 , UK based Portaprompt have developed prompting products that are able to cope with the diligence of regular travel with the utmost reliability and portability.

After developing the world’s first digital prompter, UK based Portaprompt has continued to be at the fore front of autocue and teleprompter equipment ever since.

Its prompting software has been developed with the help of our prompting operators and customers ensuring the best from the presenter’s and operator’s view point. This has resulted in it becoming a firm favourite with prompters across the Broadcasting & Media industry for Current Affairs, Sport, Entertainment, Video, Film, Conferences and News .

Portaprompt Products and services are available in India with Setron India private limited. 

Setron India Pvt. Ltd.
Mobile No. : +91-9910999180

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