Radio Automation Solutions in India

Radio automation makes sure that the station is running 24/7 using scheduling software without any actual need to sit in the studio around the clock to manage the shows.

Every professional radio station uses automation in some form or another. We at Setron India, provide solutions to Commercial FM Radio Stations being associated with the brands like Zenon Media & Cubetec.

Zenon Media with more than 30 years experience in Broadcasting is able to propose software solution from small private up to large national broadcaster. It’s a radio in a box- Full Radio Automation System – For Plug and Start ! Modular Broadcast System, plug and play, including Hardware and Ready to Play Software.

At the same time, Cubetec International utilizes sophisticated technology, providing real-time monitoring and logging of audio streams, in order to automatically generate technical parameters of archival significance. Thus, in addition to capturing the audio data, QUADRIGA•Audio provides collateral metadata information regarding the original source medium, the capturing signal chain, the audio content and the quality of the recording, among others, offering many valuable assets to the archivist. QUADRIGA•Audio is open to any Content Management System and can easily be integrated into existing network and database structures.

For any information about Radio Automation Solutions please contact:

Setron India Pvt. Ltd.
Mobile No. : +91-9910999180




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